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Welcome to what will become the
CGI section of the site...

    As you might have gathered... all of the banners, the menu viewer and buttons on the site are 3D CGI images. This means to generate the images, I had to make 3 dimensional virtual models. So, the banner above is like a film set containing models of the CN sphere, the planet, the mountains, even the text... and there's virtual lighting and a camera which can be moved or panned to anywhere within the set. CGI is a very powerful medium... but to me as an artist, it still doesn't look completely real... but it is fun.

    Like just about everything else I have done in life... I've taught myself CGI modeling and I'm still learning..

    This section will feature projects I've been playing with these past couple of years. The first complete model I made, was the Dalek... simply because I downloaded a free model of one and took it apart to see how it was done... which kind of kicked the whole thing off! My Dalek model is in fact a reconstruction of the original 1960's prop built from photo's and plans available on the web... most of which are inacurate.

    The major project is the Enterprise from the first Star Trek movie... someone was paid a lot of money to make one for the additional footage on the DVD... so I thought I'd see if I could do that too! (Kind of like running before you learned to walk).

    Use the blue menu buttons on the left to access the various CGI pages (more will appear later).

    Meanwhile, below is something totally un-space related... front body panels for the Aston Martin DB5, still a very beautiful car.

CGI model of front body panels for the Aston Martin DB5

CGI Images