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Welcome to what will become the Challenger section of the site...

    At 16:39 GMT on the 28th January 1986, the space shuttle Challenger was destroyed 73 seconds into the flight claiming the lives of all seven crew members.

    The same year, as a tribute I painted "Challenger's Glory" which was published in association with Spaceflight News. The limited edition of 850 prints were signed by former NASA shuttle pilot Robert Overmyer who flew Challenger on mission 51-B in April 1985.

challengers glory

    "Man will continue his conquest of space. To reach out for new goals and even greater achievements - that is the way we shall commemorate our seven Challenger heroes.

    Dick, Mike, Judy, El, Ron, Greg and Christa - your families and your country mourn your passing. We bid you goodbye. We will never forget you. For those who knew you well and loved you, the pain will be deep and enduring. A nation too, will long feel the loss of her seven sons and daughters, her seven good friends. We can find consolation only in faith, for we know in our hearts that you who flew so high and so proud now make your home beyond the stars, safe in God's promise of eternal life".

President Ronald Reagan, Challenger Memorial Service,
Houston. January 31st 1986.

    "A lot of distressing visual images came out of the Challenger disaster. A picture like the one Chris Neale has painted redresses the balance. It shows Challenger as she really ought to be remembered - a superb spacecraft. It was a particularly bad way for that vehicle to go, because Challenger itself performed near flawlessly on every flight - even the last one. It was other factors that led to her eventual downfall".

Colonel Robert Overmyer, Spaceflight News, December 1986