Pencil sketch for "H" 's birthday... when she was a little person.

Gallery Two...

    Commercial art, illustration, portraits from photo's and murals... over the years I've turned my hand to all kinds of things! Someone would ask me to do something and I'd say "errr, yeah...OK" without knowing if I could actually do that?

    One of the most memorable is the mural I painted for my God daughter Hayley. I'd never painted a mural before. Having spent several weeks of evenings and weekends, it was completed a couple of weeks before she was born.

    "H" is twenty now and at Nottingham University... (that's her in the photo) I used acrylic paint which hasn't faded over time, the mural still looks the same as the day I finished it.

Commercial Airbrush
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logo key key


From left to right / top: My second logo (acrylic ink). New homes brochure (acrylic ink)... then the client was bought out so, I had to do a new version (acrylic). Bottom: Coins for a logo (acrylic). New homes ad. (acrylic). Illustration for telecoms ad. which ran in the London Times colour supplement... and the brochure (gouache).


Commercial Illustration




My first logo (pen and ink).
Colour art for management
consultants (acrylic).
Colour illustration for new
homes promotion
(felt marker pens).



Portraits from photo's

 little people

prtrait portrait

Top: Hayley's sketch (pencil).
A girl I'll never meet in a
million years (acrylic).
A friends little boy (acrylic).
An old gent (acrylic)...
when the client received this
she burst into tears...
I asked if it was because she
didn't like the painting?
She replied... "No, that's my
late Grand-dad".

self portrait dog portrait cat portrait

Bottom: Self portrait (Me and my ex) ... this was for a cassette demo cover. The painting only measures 5 1/4"x3 1/2" and is cropped here! (acrylic). A dog... and a cat called "Snoopy" (acrylic).





"Hayley's Mural" (acrylic) 1984... still survives. "Ryan's Mural" (acrylic) 1994... recently painted out after sale of house. "Kirby UK" (acrylic)... this breaks just about every copyright rule in the book, but that's what the guy wanted... and I would have ended up selling cleaners if I didn't get the job! As to whether the murals still exist... when he moved, he ripped out the panels and installed them in his new office. When Kirby got a lot of bad press in the UK... he disappeared from Croydon, so did the murals!