two daleks

CGI wireframe model...
1960's Dalek Prop from the BBC television series.

    So, here are the rendered shots from the wireframe model. They are all essentially copies of the same model but with different materials added and a few adjustments to cover the basic variations of the 1960's TV prop, which was used extensively until the series was cancelled in the 1980's.

    You are reminded that the Daleks are the copyright of The British Broadcasting Corporation / Terry Nation. The Dalek word mark and device mark are trade marks of The British Broadcasting Corporation / Terry Nation. No infringement of copyright is intended.

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first dalek first dalek first dalek early eye

early weapon

The Original Dalek: The very first Dalek was broadcast to the nation in black and white but the colours of the TV prop were as shown here. To the right above, is an early eye-piece and below that, the very complicated early gun which had a tendency to break very easily!

Above left, 'The Dalek operator's view'! Right... three of the originals.



The Chase: After invading Earth, the Dalek's returned in 'The Chase' sporting the now familiar slats which were riveted in place over a band of wire mesh. After that lengthy series they got their spots repainted a darker shade of blue... for the new colour TV broadcasts! The early style gun had not survived this far, losing the 3 support rings. In 'Death To The Daleks' a total re-spray was in order shifting to black spots and new ear lights (of the Morris Minor / Austin Mini variety). Rubber skirts were added for outside broadcasts to mask the wheels. I know, I know... the 'Death' Dalek had a different gun! (I have got other things to do you know).

Metal Machines: Above left, The gold 'Chief' Dalek and subordinates from 'Day of the Daleks'. Essentially, this was the last of the metal machines, by now we were well into the 70's and the props had taken a pounding (from numerous Doctors). From now on they were re-coated in thick gloss paint. Above right, 'Silver Machines'... a family album shot! (Daleks are supposed to be metal... not that high tech 80's poly- carbide shell, thing ...stuff)!

UP NEXT... TERRY (NATION) DOES DALLAS and re-writes Dalek history in "Genesis of the Daleks" and of course... the Black Dalek!

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