two daleks

CGI wireframe model...
1960's Dalek Prop from the BBC television series.

    Here are more rendered shots from the wireframe model. They are all essentially copies of the same model but with different materials added and a few adjustments to cover the basic variations of the 1960's TV prop, which was used extensively until the original series was cancelled in the 1980's.

    You are reminded that the Daleks are the copyright of The British Broadcasting Corporation / Terry Nation. The Dalek word mark and device mark are trade marks of The British Broadcasting Corporation / Terry Nation. No infringement of copyright is intended.

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first dalek first dalek first dalek

The Genesis Dalek: Genesis of the Daleks was broadcast to the nation in 1975 and was essentially a complete re-write of Dalek history by their creator Terry Nation (not Davros... who was also introduced as the creator of the Daleks, for the first time). The props however, were not treated with the same lavish embellishments as the script, but were simply completely re-coated in grey paint! This did seem to make them a bit more menacing... which suited the "dark" story-line.



The Last Daleks: By the 1980's, the Dalek props had evolved into their final form... the grey and black ones (which became known as "The Renegade Daleks") and the white and gold ones (Imperial Daleks). However, the original props were in such poor condition that they were replaced with new ones for the final Dalek story "Remembrance of the Daleks" broadcast in 1988. (These were different in shape and the Imperials... got a basic re-design with different mid-section and lighting).

The Black Dalek: Intriguingly, this seems to be the Dalek that everyone remembers... yet it was never used in this colour scheme throughout the entire series until the last Dalek story! It was not one of the original 1960's Shawcraft props either, but was commissioned as a promotional aid and based on the second film version of the black Dalek. It was simply available for use... and got used for "Remembrance of the Daleks". The black Dalek is basically a return to the original format but with black paint instead of silver and grey... which is why I like it and have included it as... one of the originals!

So... now we have an all new series which has been extremely well produced and scripted by BBC Wales! The first season has a Dalek story... featuring one new Dalek. However, personally speaking... it looks a bit like a "Victorian Dalek", from what I have seen? I have long puzzled over how you would re-design the Daleks... to bring them into the 21st century?

THE "SUPER DALEK" IS CURRENTLY NEAR COMPLETION ... a hi-tech futuristic machine, that retains the basic elements of the original... watch this space!

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