The "Defiant" print that was given to Richard Arnold of Paramount Pictures "Star Trek" in 1988...

Left is a close up of the "Defiant" as it appears in my painting and below, the "Defiant" from "Star Trek - Deep Space Nine". My friend, artist David Hardy knew one of "Trek's" leading designers Rick Sternbach and e-mailed him with the details. Rick's reply is as below.

    Should anyone from Paramount get to see this... don't worry, I'm not about to sue... and the print has never been up for sale, honest!

    But, it is a bit of a remarkable coincidence... my ship's got the circular bridge with a bit protruding to the aft section, with a grill feature. (Theirs has two grills). Mine has a little pointy nose section... theirs has a big nose! Mine has two wing sections (but no engines) and has USS Defiant painted on it. So has theirs... but mine was painted in 1988... Long before DS9's which appeared in September 1994!

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